Sunday, April 9, 2017

Russia “crosses the Rubicon” with newest Shadow Brokers dump

Russia is likely using the latest Shadow Brokers release to attempt to control the news cycle and take coverage away from the Syria conflict. Yesterday, in a political rant using broken English, the Shadow Brokers released the password for the encrypted zip file they seeded last year (link).
This release gives threat intelligence teams unprecedented insight into the capabilities of the Equation Group hackers. The dump appears to contain only Linux and Unix tools and exploits, so organizations running only Windows don’t need to react to tools in this release (though they should check their available netflow and firewall logs for evidence they have communicated with redirection hosts posted here). For organizations running Linux and/or Unix, it should be noted that most of the exploits target older software version. However the dump is still significant for threat intelligence professionals. Because Equation Group is likely typical of other nation state hacking groups, the dump offers unprecedented insight into the capabilities and targets of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actor.
Read the rest of our analysis here.

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