Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Chief Internet of Things Officer" or "dumbest idea ever"

This little gem was brought to my attention by Andrew Hay.  If you aren't following him, you should start.  You'll be smarter for it.

This morning, he posted a link about a new position that exists (maybe?!) somewhere in the industry. The position is called the Chief IoT (Internet of Things) Officer.  Yes, you read that correctly.  While IoT is a big concern and getting it wrong can really jam a lot of things up, it's not like IoT demands its own board level position.

Just like with IT, there are two major components to IoT administration.  The first is implementation/operation and the second is security.  Implementation and operation should be handled by the CIO.  Security should be handled by the CISO.  Some will argue that IoT is so fundamentally different from regular devices that a new C level position is required.  I think this is hogwash.

At Rendition Infosec, we usually can tell a lot about the security posture at an organization just by looking at the org chart.  When the CISO reports to the CIO, you can usually anticipate problems in security.  News about the security posture of information systems is simply not accurately reported when the CISO doesn't report to the board with an independent voice.

Creating another position in the C-suite for IoT will simply confuse non-technical board members about an already confusing topic.  Will the CIoTO (??) be in charge of security or just implementation for IoT?  What about the obvious places where regular IT and IoT merge in operation?  We already see friction between IT and information security on issues of who is responsible for administering security tools like the SIEM.  Obviously this will just create more issues with no real benefit.

That being said, organizations should not neglect IoT.  IoT devices come with their own unique challenges.  The CIO and the CISO should both have advisors who can help them identify upcoming trends in IoT adoption and take appropriate action to maximize value to the organization.  Ignoring IoT is almost as stupid as having a Chief IoT Officer.

Is your organization adopting IoT devices?  Do you have specific policies governing IoT?  Is your organization considering a C-level IoT officer?  Leave a comment and let me know what you see coming for IoT.

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