Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cyber Santa results call out vendors for shenanighans

Thanks to @da_667 for publishing the Cyber Santa list this year.  While @krypt3ia's Cyber Krampus list celebrates "full spectrum cyber douchery," the Cyber Santa list was supposed to celebrate those in infosec who are being nice.

I really liked the way @da_667 put the list together.  I especially like that he called out Fortinet for their apparent misbehavior.  Vendors should have seen this wasn't an appropriate marketing tool.  They can't really expect that people are going to vote a company/product in one of these lists.  Well, I guess it happens in Lee Whitfield's Forensic 4Cast.  But it's sort of accepted there (why I'm not entirely sure). 

In any case, I loved the way @da_667 called out Fortinet on their apparent behavior:
Fortinet. Cyber Santa isn’t blind. He saw that you favorited da_667’s tweet linking the google form, then immediately filled out two tweets that look like they were fresh out of a fucking marketing pamphlet. Shame on you.
Vendor shenanighans like these are never welcome and tarnish our good profession.  Thanks to @da_667 for putting the list together and thanks to those vendors who kept it classy by not nominating their marketing brochures.

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