Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Blind recruiting on LinkedIn - advice to recruiters

This message I got on LinkedIn today is a great example of how NOT to recruit infosec candidates.  Nothing about this message says "I actually looked at your profile."  Everything about this says "I never looked at your profile, but some word on there matches a search term."

Want to get serious about recruiting? Talk salary. Talk benefits. Tell me something that says "I read your profile."  Be careful about targeting business owners. Think before you just send.  Maybe ask yourself:
What am I offering that would make this job attractive to a business owner?  So attractive they'd leave the business and come work for me? 
If you can't answer those questions, think again about even sending your offer.  When I make successful sales at Rendition Infosec, I research the organization I'm selling to.  Honestly, infosec/cyber recruiters need to start doing the same.

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